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Here’s all albums released by far by Long Song Records. Click on the title to watch additional info.

Solar Winds


“There is no better feeling than having music pull one out of their seats and put them on a roller coaster ride or magic carpet journey and that is what we get here” – Bruce Lee Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery) “I absolutely LOVE the ‘Solar Winds’ album!” – Laurence Donohue-Greene (The New York City Jazz […]

Cajun Blue


“The J. & F. Band with CAJUN BLUE manages to bring together the coolness of jazz and the sincere roughness of blues, and then psychedelia and avant-garde and soul music. With rock’n’roll guitars and a New Orleans brass section, in a two-day recording this band was capable to evoke the fury of the sessions that […]

Second Earth

cover second earth

Shimmering lyrical pan-idiomatic interlocutions. This Long Song records release documents an extraordinary February afternoon when two improvising guitarists met forthe first time to record some music. Nothing was planned or discussed in advance. The resulting tracks are presented here in the order they were recorded, no edits, nothing added or deleted. If this project were […]



Pianist Satoko Fujii and Bassist Joe Fonda Celebrate Creative Freedom on Their Latest Album Four available November 8, 2019 via Long Song Records “The conversation is intuitive, at times seemingly telepathic — and it creates an enormous amount of drama and joy.” — Steve Feeney, The Arts Fuse “…an intimate but uncharted and wide-ranging improvisational encounter with a […]

Put A Sock In It

COVER mid res

“Andy Aledort has been my favorite new guitar player for a long time now.”—Joe Satriani “Taste, tone, chops—Andy’s got it all!”—Warren Haynes “I’m always trying to find the best guitar player I can, and Andy’s playing is really great. He’s a true player!”—Dickey Betts “What a soulful player. Andy knows music inside and out.”—John Scofield […]


CD_Bobby Lee_cover

Stunning audiences of the Southern Jam scene with his blistering guitar work and prolific songwriting for the past twenty years, Bobby Lee Rodgers has honed his craft to its finest edge yet in his fun, funky, quirky new release, SLED. credits released April 23, 2019 Bobby Lee Rodgers is routinely referred to not only as […]

From The Roots To The Sky


A fantastic double CD featuring legendary Allman Brothers Band drummer JAIMOE and his long time pal, bass giant JOE FONDA, plus a selection of Italian jazz aces (Tiziano Tononi, Alberto Mandarini, Gianluigi Paganelli, Beppe Caruso) and Finnish/American guitar master Raoul Björkenheim, and some other guests. A massive effort that covers a fantastic spectrum of creative […]

Beautie on the Waters


Mc’n’Mac is Jim McAuley and Mary MacQueen, two Los Angeles-based musicians whose music reflects their shared love of folk, blues, free improvisation and classical music. Their approach is intuitive and heartfelt, mercifully free of cynicism and irony. From Renaissance art songs to ’60’s protest, this is music that speaks directly to our contemporary lives with […]



Pianist Satoko Fujii and bassist Joe Fonda deepen their dialogue on a new duet album Mizu “The degree of intimate listening and deep exchange between Fujii’s piano and the woody, natural-sounding bass of Fonda is breathtaking.” — Robert Bush, NBC San Diego “The conversation is intuitive, at times seemingly telepathic — and it creates an enormous amount of […]



The second CD in a series of compelling releases featuring the lady of avant jazz Satoko Fujii and bass giant Joe Fonda, now with the addition of sax soprano master Gianni Mimmo. The result of a totally improvised one day studio session, “Triad” is a marvellous achievement in daring and spectacular avant jazz music. What […]

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