Cajun Blue
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  1. Cajun Blue
  2. Jazzica
  3. Cold Shot
  4. As the Years Go Passing By
  5. Speech Fo(u)r Five
  6. Crosscut Saw
  7. We Night Riders

Cajun BlueThe J. & F. Band - LSRCD153

“The J. & F. Band with CAJUN BLUE manages to bring together the coolness of jazz and the sincere roughness of blues, and then psychedelia and avant-garde and soul music. With rock’n’roll guitars and a New Orleans brass section, in a two-day recording this band was capable to evoke the fury of the sessions that echoed in the Muscle Shoals studios in the 70’s” (Luca Salmini, Buscadero Rock Magazine).

Following the massive critical success of the first record “From The Roots To The Sky” the J. & F. Band is back with a new amazing effort, shining with new soul elements and impressive bluesy guitar work, thanks to the contribution of singer Lamar Williams Jr. and legendary Texan guitar player David Grissom.

Joe Fonda says: “This is the second J. & F. Band recording. We reached a new level of depth and deliverance, execution and groove on this recording. I also want to comment on the material that both I and drummer Tiziano Tanoni arranged and composed — I think it’s on another level. This is a band that will most certainly just keep rising to new heights . Prepare yourself — we’re getting ready to do a third recording in the near future. In the meantime enjoy this recording and go check out the first one — all full of pure musical Joy”

praise for the first record FROM THE ROOTS TO THE SKY:

“Beautifully recorded, this album belongs in the collection of all serious jazz and Allman Brothers fans”

“A double disk as in the old days, but out of any time: much less predictable than I told it, much more beautiful than I could say”

“The J. & F. Band features a myriad of seasoned musicians who use new record From The Roots To The Sky to show off ideas, showdown with each other, and jam to their heart’s content. From The Roots To The Sky is a record of free flowing ideas from skilled musicians at the top of their game”. 4/5!
released February 18, 2020

Joe Fonda: Bass, Vocals
Jaimoe: Drums and Percussion
Tiziano Tononi: Drums and Percussion
Lamar Williams Jr.: Vocals
David Grissom: Guitar
Pacho: Percussion
Pee Wee Durante: Keyboards
Alberto Mandarini: Trumpet
Beppe Caruso: Trombone
Gianluigi Paganelli: Tuba


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