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In questa sezione trovate tutti gli album attualmente pubblicati da Long Song Records.

Beautie on the Waters


Mc’n’Mac is Jim McAuley and Mary MacQueen, two Los Angeles-based musicians whose music reflects their shared love of folk, blues, free improvisation and classical music. Their approach is intuitive and heartfelt, mercifully free of cynicism and irony. From Renaissance art songs to ’60’s protest, this is music that speaks directly to our contemporary lives with […]



Pianist Satoko Fujii and bassist Joe Fonda deepen their dialogue on a new duet album Mizu “The degree of intimate listening and deep exchange between Fujii’s piano and the woody, natural-sounding bass of Fonda is breathtaking.” — Robert Bush, NBC San Diego “The conversation is intuitive, at times seemingly telepathic — and it creates an enormous amount of […]



The second CD in a series of compelling releases featuring the lady of avant jazz Satoko Fujii and bass giant Joe Fonda, now with the addition of sax soprano master Gianni Mimmo. The result of a totally improvised one day studio session, “Triad” is a marvellous achievement in daring and spectacular avant jazz music. What […]

Simone Massaron – Furore


Nels Cline about Furore: With his new record “Furore”, my good friend and über-talented guitarist Simone Massaron has drawn inspiration from the writings of John Steinbeck – specifically from his epic best-seller “The Grapes Of Wrath”.

Trouble No More… All Men Are Brothers


LA MUSICA DELLA ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND INCONTRA COLTRANE, AYLER E MINGUS. UN MIX ENTUSIASMANTE DI AVANT JAZZ E ROCK BLUES. “A MOST INTERESTING TRIBUTE TO THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND”, ( “4 STARS..Tononi pays his respects to the Allman Brothers Band, which is what sincere tributes are all about..”. (DownBeat!) “…Tononi’s celebration of the Allman Brothers […]



Sparks fly in historic first meeting between pianist Satoko Fujii and bassist Joe Fonda. Concert recording features two of improvised music’s most creative minds.

No Time Left!


The Brooklyn Express Daniele Cavallanti tenor sax, ney flute Herb Robertson cornet Steve Swell trombone, flute Joe Fonda double bass, flute Tiziano Tononi drums Da sempre fieri eredi della grande “black” music dei ’60 e ’70, Tononi e Cavallanti celebrano orgogliosamente le loro radici con un nuovo grande lavoro. Registrato a Brooklyn (da qui il […]

Flawless Dust

Flawless Dust 2015 10 31

Garrison Fewell _ guitar, perc. Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone Un dialogo illuminato, non solo musicale, tra Gianni Mimmo e Garrison Fewell, due menti rivolte verso un Altrove che schiude a intensi fenomeni. Palpiti molecolari, polveri cosmiche, silenziosi bagliori, scintille umili e potentissime. Rispetto e introspezione animano la danza delle mani intorno a strumenti capaci […]

The Blessed Prince


Emanuele Parrini: Violin0 Dimitri Grechi Espinoza: Sax Alto Giovanni Maier: Contrabbasso Andrea Melani: Batteria Lavoro maturo ed intensissimo, summa del pensiero musicale di Parrini, jazz dalle tinte dense e autunnali, lirico ed esplorativo, graziato da composizioni di grande impatto e scintillanti e misurati momenti solisti. “The Blessed Prince” ci parla con un jazz orgoglioso ed austero, rigoroso e […]

Is This Music?


Music, once you’ve played it, it’s gone, in the air, and you can never capture it again…(Eric Dolphy) The vibration of the gongs, the air in motion, sheets of sounds spreading out of skins and metals, the abstract geometrical encounters of rhythms and figures, beauty of the opposites complementing each other, the night & day/ […]

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