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Roberto Bertacchini drums

Roberto Bertacchini: drummer, percussionist, singer, actor, sailmaker, founder member of Starfuckers (all releases), Sinistri (all releases) and Sinistri++.

Roberto Bertacchini was born on September 17, 1965 in Senago (Italy), at the age of six he moved with his family to Pallerone (Lunigiana), where he lived until 1997, then he moved to Bologna. Early started to work, he became an expert sailmaker. His first experience as musician was playing drums at the age of twelve. Actived in live performance in 1987, he recorded his first LP in 1989 with the Starfuckers, his first USA release was in 1995, he first played outside Italy in 2001. He played with Damo Suzuky (2003) and Governox Ladrox. Occasionaly he performs as a singer. He also worked as actor with the Ma.Pa. Folli collective,.

Selected releases:

Sinistri “Free Pulse” Hapna 2005

Starfuckers “Infinitive Sessions” Dbk Works 2002

Starfuckers “Infrantumi” Lessness/Drunken Fish 1997/98

Starfuckers “Sinistri” Underground Records 1994

Starfuckers “Brodo Di Cagne Strategico” Helter Skelter 1991

Starfuckers “Metallic Diseases” Electric Eye 1990

Roberto Bertacchini’s drums techniques.

Roberto Bertacchini begins studying drums in 1977 under his brother Mauro (a seventies’ jazz/rock fine drummer) he starts playing simple blues/rock rhythms, from the beginning of the nineties he moves to more complex and advanced rhythms or using the drum kit purely as a sound source, in 1997 he breaks up with everything and starts to define his own unique amazing nonmetric style.

His music is influenced by: Umm Kulthum, Edgard Varèse, Can, Tim and Jeff Buckley, Mars, Eva…

Roberto Bertacchini’s current gear:

22″ Ludwig Kick Drum

4″ x 14″ Pearl Snare Drum

14″ Ufip Hi-hat

Ufip Cymbal

Unidentified Drumsticks and Brushes

DG Cajon

His poems are available here. He has written the notes to “The entire musical work” by Giampaolo Guerini.

    Roberto Bertacchini plays in

  • Il Tempo ... tra le nostre mani, Scoppia
  • KC

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