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  1. Siete Solo TV
  2. Azioni/Reazioni
  3. Non Ci Sei Più
  4. L'abitudine Alla Repressione
  5. Dentro La Casa
  6. No Man Say Yearh
  7. Corpi Senza Ragione
  8. Venite Spiriti
  9. Ratti Nella Via
  10. Kc's Merry-Go-Round
  11. Capitani Coraggiosi

KCThe Shipwreck Bag Show - LSRCD116

Only one year has passed since the previous album, and the two survivors Xabier Iriondo / Roberto Bertacchini are already ready with a new collection of songs, thanks to their fresh creativity. The duo in this third album moves away from the ‘avant-rock experimental miniCD debut, pumping the vein of early blues and bundle it into eleven tracks in the form of song.

“KC” is an album consisting of songs, because Iriondo first acts as a guitarist with a lot of riffs and distortion, and Bertacchini straighten a bit the rhythm of his drumming letting the voice to be the element of their a-rhythmic and drunk sound. To seal the magnificent proof there are his lyrics, visionaries and grotesque.


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