Due nuovi album ora disponibili!

Due nuovi album ora disponibili!

Here’s our autumn gift for all of you:
Craig Creen + David King: Eclectic, experienced and creative guitar player Craig Green plus celebrated and critically acclaimed drummer David King (from the Bad Plus and Happy Apple) will release in some months an excting and vibrant duo collaboration on Long Song Records. Totally improvised music in an odd setting (with piano from time to time, played by D.King), electric and also acoustic, working in many moods ranges. sketches of inventiveness and freshness all over. groovey and spacey, physical and ethereal, gentle and stinging. Music coming out of their hands and mind with an almost telepathic empathy, that gives life to true little “compositions”, as if written in advance.

Nicola Cipani “The Illl-Tempered Piano”: Nicola Cipani’s “Ill-Tempered Piano” is a suprising and playful album of solo improvisations played on broken and untuned pianos. Cipani’s accomplished melodic and rhythmic approach and his responsiveness to each instrument’s raw potential set this project apart. The recordings were made over the span of two years in different New York City warehouses, on several keyboard instruments (among the pianos you hear also a clavichord), some of which are so damaged as to be hardly recognizable — but each piece takes the peculiarities of its instrument as a starting point, not as a limitation. What results is a collection of fresh, clever and fully-realized sound experiments performed on the strange landscape of each piano. The album is unpredictable and captivating — one to be heard and re-heard.

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