The Vancouver Tapes

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    The Vancouver TapesUdu Calls Trio feat. William Parker - LSRCD135

    Tiziano Tononi – Drums, Congas, Gong, Bells, Whistles Daniele Cavallanti – Tenor and Baritone Saxes, Ney Flute, Bells William Parker – Double Bass A lost and found gem documenting the first meeting ever of two Italian avant jazz masters with the NY jazz bass giant. Totally live and improvised! Tiziano Tononi says: “Rockin’ the Vaults…sometimes you know, sometimes you don’t, what you find may become a great deal of a surprise, and this time we found out something very unusual like a mini-disc recording!!! What’s that? I’m pretty sure some people don’t even know what a mini disc was, anyway the music contained herein still sounded fresh and surprising after a few years, so I say to myself “why not?”, and here we are! Years after the Long Song Record “Smoke Inside” we got the smokin’ side of a joyful, powerful and subtle trio of characters, praising the Gods of music and improvisation through instruments tuned on a common language, burning, that night in Vancouver, the wall/bridges of the distance from Milano to New York.


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