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If you are among those who rise their eyebrows hearing the expression “jazz-rock” thinking about dull riffs and silly elevator music, this record can lead you to the right track. Daniele Cavallanti and his old friend Nels Cline, important and very active character in the independent rock scene, give birth to a sincere and rigorous work of art, without slipping towards easy solutions and commercial downhill. Electrical Jazz (“pre-fusion”, as Cline proudly claims), but also long and visionary free introductions that draw together in essential themes and energetic rock drum-base progressions. Noise progressive hallucinations, and even the vibrating gospel Go On Moses, in which the dry and perfect guitars of Cline and Massaron move at ease, magisterially supported by Tononi’s drums, whose concreteness does not impair the final taste and interplay. Without ever dropping, the leader’s creativity explores freely the territories of tonality canons as in Mood for Dewey, tribute for Redman, that Cavallanti recorded in 1994 with the great sax player, here in a swaying funk-electrical version.

Valentino Casali

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