Bob Rusch – The Talking Bass

Papatamus newsletter talks about The Talking Bass

Long Song has also issued a recording from 11/16&17/10 by GIOVANNI MAIER [b] called THE TALKING BASS [lsrcd 118/2010] this with Emanuele Parrini [vln/viola], Scott Amendola [drm], and Luca Calabrese [tpt/flg]. 8 of the 9 tracks [78:32] are originals by Maier and feature strings in a dynamic way. On the longest track “ Disk Dosk” [12:39], Parrini builds a wonderful tension and anticipation over Amendola’s free drumming before things change to a slower pace and the focus switches to the bass, about half way through, Maier plays in free time and then further changes tempo to uptempo and the drums go into a loose time and Calabrese enters and the group falls into time. The group then again evolves into free time. On another tune, “Leroy Vinnegar” the piece opens with high energy violin pizzacato over walking time bass lines. Maier knows his bassists. The CD concert is loaded with these time shifts and makes for some thrilling music. Each member of this quartet is impressive. Parrini, to my knowledge, has never led a session and this is perhaps his best featuring. Maier is not only a masterful bassist but seems to have a good instinct on how to write and put a group together. The Talking Bass is both an exciting and soulful bravura performance.

Bob Rusch (Cadence, CIMP)

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