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  1. 21st Century Beginning
  2. Melody for a bell/Brushes groove
  3. Water drums/Water gongs
  4. Spirits Dancin' (Obatalà)
  5. Glorious Nine
  6. Encounters at seven (for John Cage)
  7. Living Spaces (for Henry Cowell)
  8. Varèse, not a town (for Monsieur Edgard...)

Is This Music?Tiziano Tononi / Alessandro Pacho Rossi - LSRCD134

Music, once you’ve played it, it’s gone, in the air, and you can never capture it again…(Eric Dolphy)

The vibration of the gongs, the air in motion, sheets of sounds spreading out of skins and metals, the abstract geometrical encounters of rhythms and figures, beauty of the opposites complementing each other, the night & day/ male & female / black & white of life, the perpetual motion that keeps things rolling, makes you move (and smile…) and makes our lives happier, worth being lived. Music is a healer, music is a blessing.

This recording is dedicated to

the living memory of David Lee Searcy,

master musician, teacher, friend.

(Oakland/S.Francisco 1946 – Milano 2011)

Among the many great experiences I’ve had through my whole life as a musician, meeting David Lee Searcy was one of the most extraordinary, and a blessing. Not only I had the good fortune to study with him, we also became friends and shared some deep moments talkin’, eating, rehearsing, playing and recording as “Moon On The Water”, the percussion trio we had with Jonathan Scully. We also spent time together listening to Jimi Hendrix, a common passion, actually something not so common for a “classical” musician. But Dave was more than that, besides the monster tympanist/keeper of the flame of a genuine European playing tradition, he was a free thinker/free spirit, inspirer of people, a one-of-a-kind type of person with a broad landscape and vision in front of him, in part due – I like to think so – to his Oakland/S.Francisco-Bay Area roots. When I think of him, I can’t but remember the many times he succeeded visualizing a sound through words and images, some sort of a magic quality I only found in him. This way, with this recording, I feel like he’s somehow living through my playing, every time I try to find the”right” sound.

So long, Dave, the one and only “Moon One”,

see you there… on the Moon.

Tiziano Tononi,”Tizi”, Moon Three.


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