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Zookeeper Online parla di Vignes

Trio of the late Rod Poole with Nels Cline and Jim McAuley, playing microtonal (perhaps just-intoned?) acoustic guitars. The guitars’ tunings and preparations make for some unusual timbres, and the improvising is first-class throughout, very sensitive. The players’ personalities really seem to meld together.

All tracks good.

1 (18:14): starts very slow, strums with plentiful silence in between. Around 3:45 it gets thicker, with interesting overtones and very warm resonance. Gradual gain in intensity.
You could fade this out around 11:30. Things get considerably more tentative after that, scrapes and plinks and occasional chords, that thickens up nicely and noisily.

2 (9:18): all three playing at once, bright and jangly. Pace is constant and fast.

3 (13:19): abstract, quiet beginning. There’s a bowed guitar that alternately whines and sounds vaguely metallic/feedbacky; otherwise this one is kind of mellow. Silence around 9:06 if you want to cut out early. The pickup afterwards is like the post-11:30 pickup on 1, but a little more hectic.

Ben W

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