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Jazz fans everywhere will dig “Smoke Inside” by Daniele Cavallanti. This is a foray into the Electric side of Mr. Cavallanti with some old favorites reworked as well as some brand new compositions. The disk starts off strong with a track called Cline’s line, which is like a listening experience onto itself. Starting with Guitar shortly joined by sax the song breaks into a full on romp at about 2min 45sec. then at around 3:15 it breaks down and the real fun just begins. Very cool. Daniele Cavallanti plays Tenor and Baritone Saxophone with strength and authority as he leads a fantastic band through six tracks. Nels Cline does amazing work on Guitar
throughout the disk and is supported by Tiziano Tononi on drums and a marvelous percussionist named Pacho. Giovanni Maier is heaping coal on the fire with controlled aggression on stand up as well as pushing hard with his electric bass when called on. His electric work on “Moods for Dewey” was especially pleasing to me. Simone Massaron makes an exceptional contribution on that track as well playing the Baritone Electric Guitar and his choice of Fretless Electric Guitar on “Lonesome drive” is an unexpected treat. Throw in the thoughtful and tasteful playing of Ivano Borgazzi on Fender Rhodes and Keys and you get a disk that is musically on the move while always maintaining the highest quality of production and creative musicianship. “Smoke Inside”is apply named. This group caught fire on this disk.

Frazier Osbourne

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