– Parallel Worlds parla di Parallel Worlds

The improvs on this masterpiece 6-song set could very well have accompanied the latest sci-fi flick quite nicely.  Burton writes in the liners that he and Alan have (what some folks call) “dated” electronics… but as you listen to the opener, “North American Indian Reflections“, you’ll realize immediately that the work they’re doing is timeless!  You won’t soon purge these tracks from your “strange” playlist – & that’s especially true on the elegant closer (my favorite on the CD, without doubt), “String Beings“… this monster demonstrates the total talent of this duo, without scaring the listener off… flawlessly executed and strongly pleasant to listen to.  For those who pursue excellence in improvisation, this comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.99.

Rodcod Zzaj

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