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I was quite charmed with Nicola Cipani’s debut album “The Ill-Tempered Piano” on which he plays only untuned and damaged pianos. On this album, he takes the instrument into real uncharted territories, with highly repetitive, drone-like sounds, resulting in feedback, screeching strings, tonal percolations, and a general weirdness that is highly likeable – and sometimes outright impressive – when in the right mood (you have to be calm and serene, if not, you risk to start throwing with things, unless the nervous and unrelenting tension on this album acts as a kind of antidote to calm even if the most restless high-strung anxious bundle of nerves into a state of zen-like acceptance).

To me, the serene mood works best in any case, and it may help to appreciate Cipani’s unique and interesting voice.


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