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Description: This is the second disc by this dynamic duo featuring Craig Green on electric guitars & electronics and the great Dave King (from Bad Plus, Happy Apple & Gang Font) on drums & organ. This is a spontaneously created duo recorded live in a studio with no overdubs involved. It begins quietly with Dave on ethereal organ and Craig on soft guitar, calmly drifting together. “The Best Western” sounds like a suspense-filled spaghetti western soundtrack with a slow marching groove. The somber, eerie vibe continues on “Blackwell Star Galactica” with more hypnotic organ, laid back mallet-work and ghost-like guitar swirls. The title track is long yet it deals more with mood than with solos, building slowly throughout until the guitar finally erupts in the last section. Both Craig and Dave get a solo piece each as well. The solo piece by Mr. Green consists of layers of drifting drones with some occasional spikes, transporting us to calm yet energized environment. The last piece is titled “1980’s ECM Records” and it does have the rich reverb sound that many ECM records of that era employed. In a blindfold test, one could easily guess Bill Frisell and Jack DeJohnette perhaps and be too far off. This piece works well and feels like a strong conclusion to a fine offering by these two gifted musicians. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Bruce Lee Gallanter

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