Bob Rusch – Rings of Fire

Papatamus newsletter parla di Rings Of Fire

Giovanni Maier [el.b] is also on board for DANIELE CAVALLANTI’s [ts/bs] and TIZIANO Tononi’s [perc] RINGS OF FIRE [Long Song Records lsrcd 110/2008]. This features the exciting violin of Jenny Scheinman along with Massimo Mariani [el.g], Emanuele Parrini [viola], Pacho [perc] and Achille Succi [as/b.clt]. Recorded 2/16&17/08 the program [79:36] is divided between Faces [6 parts composed by Cavallanti] and Phases 323 [a 3 part suite in 8 sections, composed by Tononi]. There is some very effective music with haunting work, often in league with the electric instruments, here from every member of the septet. Here the electric element is used as a setting or backdrop to the improvs. Cavallanti’s writing relies more on the electric draping; often an effective soundstage for improvs. This is nicely presented episodic music skillfully integrating the strings, electronics and horns.

Bob Rusch (Cadence, CIMP)

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