Bob Rusch (Cadence, CIMP) – The Blessed Prince

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THE BLESSED PRINCE [#137/2016] is a 4/5&6/14 date with EMANUELE PARRINI [vln] leading a quartet [Dimitri Grechi Espinoza-as, Giovanni Maier-b, Andrea Melani-drm] on seven originals [42:49] from Parrini or Maier. There is a great soul to this CD. Parrini and Maier both play scratchy and sawing style on their strings and that style is complimented by Espinoza’s reed squawk alto style. There is a gutty density that reaches into your soul and then explodes outward in the joy of creativity. Gut-sy Jazz.

Bob Rusch (Cadence, CIMP)

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