New Elliott Sharp DVD (not a Long Song but a great one anyway!)

New Elliott Sharp DVD (not a Long Song but a great one anyway!)

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A nice new friend of ours, mr. Bert Shapiro, sent us an amazing new DVD titled “Elliott Sharp: doing the Don’t” he assembled about our great pal Elliott Sharp.

The DVD is an incredible overview of his whole career and biography of Elliott, and it’s a pleasure to watch from the beginning to the end.

Elliott is a master and has explored so many styles and works on so many levels: he’s a blues player, an improviser, an avant garde artist, a saxophonist and clarinet player, a composer and arranger, and so much more. Elliott himself said to me last year he’s working and concentrating more and more in order to become an “author” and composer more than “just” a musician, and this DVD is a beautiful trip through all of this, concentrating a lot on his recent years in various contexts. Lots of live footage as well as contributions of friends anc collaborators make this DVD a precious document for any Elliott fan, and it’s highly recommended.

Who loves Elliott knows what he can do and how much unpredictable he can be. The man is clever as few I’ve ever met, and this DVD proves it all.

Thanks to Bert for this great work and thanks to Elliott for his never-ending music trip.

The DVD lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes and also contains 80 minutes of unreleased music. Further details and purchase info here.

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