The Blessed Prince

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  1. Disk Dosk
  2. Transizioni Morbide
  3. The Blessed Prince - 1st movement
  4. The Blessed Prince - 2st movement
  5. San Frediano
  6. The Blessed Prince - 3st movement
  7. Blues P #3

The Blessed PrinceEmanuele Parrini - LSRCD137

Emanuele Parrini: Violin

Dimitri Grechi Espinoza: Alto Sax

Giovanni Maier: Double Bass

Andrea Melani: Drums

This is a work that is mature and quite intense and is the sum of Parrini’s musical thought: jazz that is dense with tints of autumn, lyrical and explorative, blessed with compositions of great impact and sparkling with measured solo moments.

“The Blessed Prince” speaks to us with proud and austere jazz: rigorous and severe, yet profoundly poetic.

Parrini is the leader of a quartet of men, friends and musicians who celebrate music as an inevitable life’s mission and jazz as a evocative music that gives gifts of profound emotions.


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