Gongfarmer 36

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  1. Second Blooming
  2. Blues For John Carter
  3. Another November Night
  4. What Part Of Maybe (don't you understand?)
  5. Una Lunga Canzone
  6. Joy Buzzer
  7. The Eyelids of Buddha
  8. Plect's Bounce
  9. Saltarello/Jumpstart
  10. nika's Waltz

Gongfarmer 36Jim McAuley - LSRCD124

Jim McAuley is one of a lineage of improvising guitarists redefining the instrument like Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Joe Morris, and avant-folk pickers like John Fahey and Robbie Basho. He brings a deeply personal and lyrical presence to his work as well as a unique signature sound, stirring in its intensity and generosity.

This new collection of solo recordings is testimony to McAuley’s wide range of improvisatory expression and constantly unfolding creativity. Utilizing a wide variety of acoustic guitars, unorthodox tunings and original “preparations”, he creates a richly textured sound-world incorporating jazz, blues, folk, and contemporary classical elements in a style he calls “pan-idiomatic improvisation”. McAuley’s highly acclaimed first solo album (“Gongfarmer 18″) established his reputation as a master of acoustic guitar. This new work further validates and enhances that reputation.

“Gongfarmer 36″ was compiled from live performances, studio recordings and home practice tapes. As such, it captures special moments of ecstatic, spontaneous improvisational brilliance and offers an intimate glimpse into the workings of a singularly creative imagination.

In addition to his previous solo album, McAuley has recorded two discs with the Acoustic Guitar Trio (with Nels Cline and the late Rod Poole) and a 2-CD set of duets featuring Leroy Jenkins, Nels Cline, Ken Filiano and Alex Cline. LongSong Records is proud to contribute to a body of work which both defines and expands the myriad dimensions of 21st Century guitar playing. It’s an exhilarating, heartfelt and uplifting record.

“Genuinely evocative and refreshingly cliche-bashing work” (Josef Woodard–Los Angeles Times)

“Mr. McAuley’s precise writing and playing is full of blues figures and rich-toned, acoustic-fold resonance. It’s peaceful and rigorous music” (Ben Radcliff–New York Times)

“Jim has the magic!” (Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation)

“He’s capable of putting your heart in full-resonance mode” (Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes)


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