Dandelions On Fire

Dandelions On FireSimone Massaron feat. Carla Bozulich - LSRCD107

“Dandelions On Fire”, an unexpected and surprising collaboration born from the remarkable talents of the awesome guitar player Simone Massaron (a great musician at ease with different genres), who wrote the music to the songs and arranged almost everything, and Carla Bozulich, renowned cult artist , who is an amazing lyricist and singer.
Blues, ballads, folk music, improvised moments…all to create a compelling collection of songs and haunting melodies.
The band supporting Simone and Carla is a special one too: Zeno De Rossi on drums is one of the most gifted players emerging out of the new jazz and improvised music scene in Italy. Andrea Viti and Xabier Iriondo have a glorious past as their background with the famous and acclaimed band Afterhours and now move between classic rock and experimental music independently.
Other great musicians also took part to the recording session.


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