VignesAcoustic Guitar Trio - LSRCD112

VIGNES, unreleased live album by the Acoustic Guitar Trio.
The Acoustic Guitar Trio was a beautiful improvising trio. They were guitar masters Nels Cline, Jim McAuley and the late Rod Poole.
Rod Poole, an unsung and sadly quite unknown guitar player suddenly died last year under tragic circumstances.
Nels Cline said about Rod: “He was a true artist, probably a genius. He had an amazing capacity as both music fan and autodidact musician visionary”.

Nels and Jim Mc Auley want this live album to be a tribute to Rod and the fantastic music they played together.
Jim McAuley says of “Vignes”: “surging drones, sparkling arpeggios and noisy prepared guitars. I feel it’s our best work”.
The only recorded work by the AG3 so far is the self-titled and critically acclaimed cd released by the English label Incus in 2002.
More news and details about the artists involved coming soon.


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