Massimiliano Sorrentini

Massimiliano Sorrentini drums

Born in 1973, Massimiliano began playing by himself at the age of 15 under the influence of his brother.
His first steps in music are influenced by rock, punk and metal.Then he took private lessons from Mauro Parma (RAI Orchestra, Paolo Belli, etc) and Gianni Dall’Aglio (Mina, Battisti, Celentano, etc).
Between 1994 and 1998 he recorded several albums with the rock band Moongarden, with whom he performed in festivals in Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Finland. During those years he worked and played in Northern Europe with a formation of double trio led by John Wetton of King Crimson.
Meanwhile, in Mantova, explores the language of jazz with guitarist Giorgio Signoretti and drummer Richard Biancoli. In 2004 he was contacted by his friends and Zeno de Rossi Danilo Gallo to found the collective El Gallo Rojo of which he is in fact a founding member.
Since 2007 he has been collaborating with Vinicio Capossela with whom he performed several concerts in Italy, USA, Holland, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Greece, Belgium.

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