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Giorgio Pacorig keyboards, piano, rhodes piano, keyboards, samples

Pianist and composer born March 25, 1970, he began playing the piano at age of eight.

During his studies in classical music, from 1987 he devoted himself to jazz andimprovised music. Participates in summer workshops of Siena Jazz in 1991 where he studied with Franco D’Andrea and Enrico Pierannunzi and a workshop held byMuhal Richard Abrams and Roscoe Mitchell in 1993 in Trento.

In 1992 he enrolled at the conservatory of music ‘G. Tartini ‘of Trieste and in 1996 he obtained a diploma in piano under the guidance of professor Massimo Gon.

In these years, he met many musicians with whom carries out an intense musical activity that brought him to perform in various festivals, theaters and jazz clubs andplay in numerous records.

In these years, he met many musicians with whom carries out an intense musical activity that brought him to perform in various festivals, theaters and jazz clubs andplay in numerous records. Among the most significant projects we remember “MusicFicta” group led by bassist Giovanni Maier. In 1994 he recorded “Masut” guestGianluigi Trovesi. In 1996 he published “Les Illuminations” by pianist and composer Claudio Cojaniz. He collaborates with the flutist Massimo De Mattia and performersparticipating in its many projects (“Axiom”, “Metonymic”, “Schiele”) until reaching the disc as a duo “La parte (o) scura”, dedicated to Antonin Artaud.

In 1999 he met the singer Elisa, with whom starts playing at the beginning in a “piano and voice” duo, and later as a pianist / keyboardist in the bands accompanying her in live performances.

In 2001 he was one of the founders of the association Phophonix, and homonymous orchestra. In 2007 he wrote the suite “Gift of the Seek” work submitted at the 1st National Meeting of experimental music collectives, in Massalombarda.

In 2003 he released ‘My mind is on the table’ (Splash Records) the first album under his own name, accompanied by Zeno de Rossi on drums, and Giovanni Maier on bass.
The album received enthusiastic reviews both in Italy and abroad, is reported as arecord of the month (Choc) for the French magazine Jazz Man.

He played with: Giovanni Maier, Tristan Honsinger, Gianluigi Trovesi, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Antonello Salis, U.T.Ghandi, Claudio Cojaniz, Daniele D’Agaro, Massimo De Mattia, Mark Ribot, Jessica Lurie, Cuong Vu, Zeno De Rossi, Enrico Sartori, Vincenzo Vasi, Danilo Gallo, Enrico Terragnoli, Piero Bittolo Bon, Francesco Bigoni, Mauro Ottolini, Francesco Cusa, John Tchicai, Ab Baars, Jhoannes Fink, Gerhard Gschlößl, Kawabata Makoto, Bruno Romani, Edoardo Marraffa, Massimo Pupillo, Fabrizio Puglisi, Christian Lillinger, Achille Succi, Lauro Rossi, Enzo Favata, Stefano Senni, Pasquale Mirra, Lullo Mosso, Stefano Giust, Michele Rabbia, Gianni Gebbia, Domenico Caliri, Alessandra Franco, David Vanzan, Virginia Genta, etc.

Selected Discography:

1994: “Masut” (CD Nota Records)
1996: “Les Illuminations” (CD Splasch)
1997: “Axiom” (CD Nota Records)
1998: “Cjale ce sere” (CD Nota Records)
2000: “Cosmic Tones for Groove Therapy” (CD autoprodotto)
2000: “Metonymic” (CD Splasch World Series)
2000: “Ulrica” (CD autoprodotto) Duo Caruso-Pacorig
2001: “La parte (o)scura” (CD Splasch World Series)
2001: “Note di frontiera”, (Associazion Culturâl Colonos)
2002: “Schiele-jazz oratorio” (CD Splasch World Series)
2002: “Passeranno anche stanotte” cortometraggio di Matteo Oleotto
2002: “Fantasia dispersa” video-clip di Alan Malusà Magno
2003: “My mind is on the table” (CD Splash Records)
2004: “Shachor” (El Gallo Rojo Records) Full Metal Klezmer
2004: “Mosaic Orchestra vol. 2” (CD artesuono)
2005: “L’Anniversaire” (El Gallo Rojo Records) Orchestra Vertical
2005: “Pleased to meet you! We’re Devil?Man” (Palomar Records) Devil?Man
2005: “Live at Italian Jazz Rebels” (Setola di Maiale)
2006: “Dudek!” (El Gallo Rojo Records) Mickey Finn
2007: “Hallucinations” (Cd Troglo) Duo Vanzan-Pacorig
2007: “Infinity”(Cd Qbico) Neokarma Jooklo Octet
2007: “Overgrown Babeling” (Palomar Records)
2008: “Featuring Marc Ribot + A tourtle soup” (Long Song Records) Giovanni Maier Technicolor
2008: “Istinto Informe”(Setola di Maiale) Duo Dal Monego-Pacorig
2009: “Gagarin!” (El Gallo Rojo Records) Mickey Finn+Cuong Vu
2009: “Sousaphonix” (CAM Jazz) Mauro Ottolini
2009: “Improvvisations 1-4” (Setola di Maiale) Aghe Clope Ensemble
2009: “Jusi in the Wine House” (Long Song Records) Pacorig, Massaron,De Rossi, Pupillo, Pacho
2010: “Senza Tempo” (Palomar Records) Duo Dal Monego-Pacorig
2010: “God Fried Finger” (El Gallo Rojo Records) Blonde Zeros
2010: “We hope we understand” (El Gallo Rojo Records) Zwei Mal Drei

    Giorgio Pacorig plays in

  • Technicolor
  • Jusi In The Winehouse

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