Il Tempo … tra le Nostre Mani, Scoppia

Il Tempo … tra le Nostre Mani, ScoppiaThe Shipwreck Bag Show - LSRCD111

“… we are shipwrecked in the ocean of pop, refugees on an island out of time, our luggage is just a bag full of wood, metal and printed circuit boards.”

Xabier Iriondo and Roberto Bertacchini are together again to continue the work started with the mini-cd of the same name which closed the wallaceMailSeries. Two years to forge a sound that has become much more than the sum of two styles, whose personality has become trademark. Shipwreck The Bag Show is a group, a band playing live and this album offers twelve tracks that are real songs. Without forgetting the sound research carried out over the years, the duo is dedicated to singing and playing blues songs obviously drunk and crooked, obviously cripple blues, dirty, primitive and evocative. God (or who for him) makes them …


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