Musica Da Cucina

Musica Da Cucina vocal, clarinet, noises and loops, acoustic guitar

Italian musician FABIO BONELLI (from Morbegno, a small town near the Alps) started the project Musica da Cucina in 2005, with the idea of translating into music and evoking through sounds the atmosphere, the warmth and the intimacy of the kitchen; a special place where people spend a long time of their existence (at any stage: as children, adult and elders) and where stories, traditions, culture, gestures, emotions, smells and scents blend together to create a world of its own, as magic as very much connected to daily and material life.

With an approach that is both playful and serious and holds together spontaneity, improvisation and a high level of musical skill and detailed research on sounds, Fabio Bonelli rides the line between song structure (led by instruments such as guitar, accordion, clarinet) and sound textures (realized with the creative use of kitchen tools/objects such as: kettle, dishes, glasses, pots and pans, cutlery, tin foil and anything that Fabio would find in flea markets or old dusty attics…). The result is a music project that stands on its own – as the two cds (the first sold out, the second just released and already acclaimed) testify – and reminds of indie-lo-fi songwriting such as the first Sparklehorse or of folktronica acts from Morr Music catalogue or of a pop version of Einsturzende Neubauten…..

It’s in the live dimension that Fabio Bonelli/Musica da Cucina expresses his best, the performance being a poetic, mesmerizing and scenically powerful experience for the listener (who is also invited to take part to it, towards the end). Since the time it came to life, Musica da Cucina has played hundreds of concerts all around Europe and in very different types of spaces and contexts: houses, restaurants, cellars, gardens, schools, theatres, clubs, art galleries, museums, food and wine festivals.


Musica da Cucina opened for AMIINA (icelandic band made of Sigur Ros string quartet) on their italian, austrian and german dates in 2007 and 2010 (only in Italy) and was invited to the 2011 edition of MOMA FOMA festival, in Hobart, Tasmania (Aus), directed by Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) and sharing the stage with artists like Philip Glass, Nick Cave, Amanda Palmer, Jon Rose and many more.

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